Saturday, May 31, 2008

NOT our fault this time! I promise!

SIGH... the orchard...! My lovely orchard! Unavailable again! But at least we can't blame you this time! he he he! (although the fact that we've had close to 200 people on the site at any given time lately probably doesn't help! LOL!)

This time it's our hosts' problem (ThePlanet) their server is down or something (Mel could probably explain it better than me...LOL, but nevertheless, it's out of our hands unfortunately).

No worries though, as soon as the site is back up we'll be on top of things! (cross your fingers!) in the meantime... here is a tiny peek at the Sunshine Studio's portion of SO SUNny! (here's hoping we're up in time to be there for the scavenger hunt!!!)

So please be patient! We're doing everything we can to get you all back in the Orchard!!! :)


jaye said...

Phew, I was worried that we broke it again. Not our fault this time, yeah for us but boo for us having to miss all the great things happening over at SO and poor Mel, :(
Here's hoping it will all be SO SUNny soon.

Angel with a Vengeance said...

Yeah me too LOL
The collab kit looks wonderful!!!!!!
I'll be waiting at the "front door" as soon as you are up again haha
BTW, was tonight the last night the final assignments could be downloaded?