Sunday, May 25, 2008

Yuck! Summer Cold! But Shopping Made Me Feel SO Much Better! OH! And a Surprise!

I'm fighting (and losing apparently) a bad summer chest cold! Yuck yuck yuck, but I did find the BEST new grab bag and HAD to share it with you, and NO (if you can believe it) it is NOT from anyone at Scrap Orchard! he he he!

It's from one of my OTHER Favorite designers, Bren Boone ( and it was FUUULLL of great stuff! (makes me think I need to do one of these Grab Bag things! he he he!) Here's her preview (unlike SOME blogs that's all you'll get from me! LOL!!) But click on the preview and go check it out for yourself!

Thanks Bren for something to do while I'm laid up in bed feeling yucky!!

Oh? You want to know what the surprise is? HMMMMM... I'll give you a hint! Here it is....


any guesses????


Jessica said...

So sorry you're not feeling well! Hope you get better soon. The grab bag looks great, but it isn't linked up to anything. :) And, I have a guess, a collab kit with Sunshine Studios and Scrap Orchard? If so, I can hardly wait til the 1st!!

Ellie said...

Oh no, Sorry you're sick, Shauna! We've been dealing with that over at our house as well. No fun at all!

I was {thisclose} to buying that grab bag from Bren, but somehow I restrained myself. Now that you raved over it I am going to have to go get it. Enabler! Sheesh!

Get better soon! (((HUGS)))

KB said...

Hope you feel better soon--summer colds are double crummy.

I am so looking forward to the "So Sunny" collab!!!

fa11enan9e1 said...

Awww Shauna feel better SOON! Haha. I love that you made Ellie go buy the bag. :P

scrappinmint said...

Sorry you're not feeling well. I hate summer colds! Hope you feel better soon!!
Oooh, a collab between the orchard and the sunshine girls!? Can't wait for that one!!

Michelle from MD, USA said...

Sorry you're feeling yucky. If it makes you feel any better knowing you're not alone, then you ought to know that I've been fighting (what seems to be a losing battle)with a cold/sinus infection for a week and a half. Yucky sure sucks!!

A new collab kit!?! It's going to have to be the greatest kit ever! The sunshine girls (& a guy) do a magnificent job all on their own but teaming up with the orchard designers . . . that can only equal perfection. I can't wait.

Feel better soon,

jaye said...

Ooohh girl, the temptation is too much! A collab between all my favourite people?!

Here ya on the cold, I got zapped with it the other day, not happy as I don't have time to be sick!

Stefani said...

Hope you feel better soon! xoxoxo