Thursday, May 29, 2008

Like seriously? Are we running a store or a FREEBEE Galleria!? LOL

OMGosh... we might just go bankrupt over there at the Orchard if we don't stop giving so much stuff away! LOL Please remember to come by and take a look at our shops when you're doing your freebee downloading ok? LOL!

BTW... Poor Kami, she's been a bad bad blogger and she's feeling a bit lonely over there at her blog, so run on over there... pick up her freebie and leave her some love? Tell her Shauna sent you and it will drive her CRAZY! he he he!!! Here's her BLOG ( head over and grab this wonderful Alpha!

And now two freebees from our WONDERFUL contestants!! As always, remember to register in our GALLERY before trying to view or download the freebees!


and for the surprise...HMMMM... take a look at THIS and stay tuned to find out how to get it and MORE for free this weekend!!

See you all tomorrow!!!


jaye said...

Love the Orchard!!! Shauna and Kami RAWK!!!! As for the collab...this weekend....aaacckkk I have to help my parents with a yard sale, *gets on knees, with hands clasped together* please, please save me one, I HAVE to have this collab. No internet at mom and dad's (tried my laptop but the people around are too smart and secured their network, boo hoo).
Didn't mean to make this long, but just a swing by to say, loving the Orchard, loving Sunshine Studios and to say to the others who are going to visit....see the ladies (and a guy) at these two places, they're the BEST!!!
toodles, j

scrappinmint said...

OOooh, I can't wait until tomorrow for the collab. And it's free!? Well that makes it even better. I bet is totally rocks. I mean what could be better than a collab with SO! See ya tomorrow Shauna. Oh and BTW, How's that cold? All gone I hope.

Mara said...

great great great, I love the freebies and your postings (now I get the emails :-)) but I wanted to tell you as well, that I so love your blogheader, it´s great

Laura said...

I am sooo excited for that SO SUNNY COLLAB! It looks so great! Excited to play with it!

KrisG said...

LOL, I doubt you'll go broke over there! With that many members? I'm amazed at how many joined (just wondering how many came JUST for the freebies, LOL). Kami's alpha is fab! I gotta run over there NOW!

redheadrev said...

I can't wait to hear what's up! I love the collab!!!

And, hey, someone should tell Kami to turn on her comments on her blog!

I tried to leave some blog love and I couldn't. Very sad making! :(

Michelle said...

You are such a tease! Show us the beautiful kit and tell us to wait... :P

I'll be back here tomorrow....

P.S. Are you still in Hawaii or did you move to New Jersey yet?