Tuesday, October 28, 2008

WordArt Wednesday!


Today, just days before HALLOWEEN... it SNOWED in New Jersey!!! Great big, HUGE, fluffy white snowflakes!! I was soooo excited until I remembered that Ethan had never seen it snow before and I had DESPERATELY wanted to see and photograph his first snowfall! (darn that mandatory education! LOL) So I did the second best thing which was to take out my little Jack Russell Terrier Kea (also from Hawaii, also never experienced snow... he he he!)

Kea loves jumping up to catch bubbles that the kids blow for him so I thought that he'd LOVE the snow... yea... not so much.. apparently he's as used to Hawaiian weather as we all are and he loved the snow for all of about 24 seconds! Right up until the snowflakes started piling up on his little snout and his feet started freezing! LOL I'm going to have to get that boy a winter coat or paper train him it appears!

Oh! Did all my shivering (the power is out and there is NO heat!) addle my brain enough to forget to mention that it's WordArt Wednesday!! (sigh... we didn't have this problem in Hawaii!!!! - Earthquakes and volcanoes yes... snow and no heat NO!! he he he!)

Here's another "Elegant WordArt by Bethany" Original!

Enjoy! (click on the image to find the download link!)


Michelle from MD, USA said...

LOL So what is your stance on "Global Warming"? ROFL

Poor puppy! He need some boots too!

I hope you get heat soon, being cold SO sucks!!

Amanda said...

I agree on the boots. I think green would look good on him. ;)