Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Challenges... WordArt and Kami's Bring It... and... I'M HUNGRY!!

One of my favorite things about the Orchard is the challenges! And we have them ALL throughout the month... I want to share two with you today - Bethany's WordArt Wednesday and Kami's Bring it!

You should ALL know about WordArt Wednesday... it's too easy! Download Bethany's FABULOUS free WordArt, USE IT... then post in her WAW Gallery and or Forum!

Here is this week's Freebie! Just click on it to take you to the FREEBEE Gallery at Scrap Orchard to download! (be sure that you're registered and logged in to our forum/gallery in order to see all the fabulous freebees!)

Kami's Bring It challenge may not have a "freebee" attached to it, but it is the COOLEST challenge! Each month she poses a question or a situation and asks YOU as a scrapper to think about that question, then scrap it. It is such a nice way to reflect on life AND create some wonderfully unique and inspirational layouts! Check out THIS month's challenge by clicking HERE

And... lastly... I'm SOOOOO Stinking HUNGRY!! My first week back on Weight Watchers (which I DO love btw... but I'm really struggling this time with Hunger! I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE for you guys to leave me some comments with your favorite low point/low calorie GOOD and FILLING snacks!!


Amy said...

What kept me going all summer long was frozen grapes. If you've never tried them, I know they sound odd. But they freeze not like an ice cube but more like a nice italian ice texture. And 1 cup is 1 pt. They satisfied my sweet tooth every time. The other choice was the wonderful light string cheese and some pickles, which is 1 pt for the bunch. Good luck!

Hifam said...

I love the 1 point bagels at Wal-mart in the refrigerated section. I think the brand is called, "The Alternative Bagel". Add 2 Tbs. of the 1 point cream cheese and it's a filling snack.

I also like the 0 point soups from Progresso, or you can make the garden vegetable soup from the recipe that comes in the week one book.

Best wishes!

Simply Sarah said...

I never did weight watchers but I did manage to lose my baby weight last year by just eating healthier (changed everything to wheat, wheat pasta, bread, etc. and cut out the sugar - no carmel mach's for me). I went from 175 to 140 and I am content where I am - except for the little belly from 2 c-sections.

My thing was I had never dieted and didn't want to deny myself... so I tried to stay at 1600 calories a day. My breaker was that I love cookie dough. So I allowed myself a desert of one mini cookie dough piece (110 calories) and a small glass of fat free milk. It kept me sane to know that I can still have my snack.

Good luck.