Friday, October 24, 2008

SUPER MEGA Orchard Girl/Sunshine Girl Halloween Collab! Don't miss it!

Hmmmm... You're NOT too old to Trick-or-Treat! But THIS way is MUCH better, you gain less weight, the weather is always good, and you sooo do not have to go looking for a costume!!! ('cause seriously... I'm way too old for "sex kitten" and way not ready for "ugly witch" LMBO!)

So join the Orchard Girls and the Sunshine Girls on Halloween for a trick or treat surprise! Simply visit my blog and knock on my door... then follow the link to your next trick or treat stop!

See you there!


Janice said...

Looks intriguing Shauna! Just off to follow the yellow brick road lol. Thanks XXX

Amysout said...

I'm marking my calendar now! No one ever comes to my house on Halloween & my kids are going to dad's for the weekend so I know what I'll be doing!

Holly Ann said...

this sounds like it could be fun!