Wednesday, March 5, 2008

3.6.08 - Swing on a Star FREE Brag Book QP's with purchase of the kit

I've been working hard today on some designing for the store, and I have a freebie for you, but I just didn't get time to package it all up, zip it and upload it (not to mention posting it on the freebie sites etc.) So that, and the monk seal story will have to wait until tomorrow! (there's really only so much humiliation one person can stand in a 48 hour period! LOL)

But I do have a (kind of) freebie for you guys - and I wanted to let you know about the special anyway! Kami, of Ziggle Designs, and I took our Swing on a Star kit and made a brag book from it! 12 cute qp's that make a quick and easy scrapbook for you or a loved one! Kami had the great idea to give it away for a limited time if you purchase the kit, so there you go!

Here's the preview of the brag book (4x6 size) the brag book is automatically included with the download when you purchase the kit!!

ooh! and check out the adorable banner that Kami made for our kit at the bottom of this page!!

See you ladies tomorrow!

Click HERE to check out Swing on a Star and the FREE Brag Book!


Fani said...

Really cute! I was reading over at digitreats and she is having some pirate trouble like you had. She could use some love! I can't believe it is so rampant! I'd like to get a hold of the piRATes' necks....

jjstar said...

This is really cute...will you give us a warning with the limited time is up??

Crystal said...

Oh, those QP's are so cute!!! What if we already purchased Swing on a Star?