Sunday, March 2, 2008

3.3.08 Taking the day off ladies - Funny Story!

Sorry, no freebie today - busy working on other design stuff. I do have a big treat for all of you (announcement soon, so stay tuned!)

I thought I'd share a funny store though, you might get a bit of a laugh! So, picture this; my movers are gone now and we have NO furniture, so dh and I go to Costco to buy an AeroBed (the big queen size, double layer one) we have it all blown up and made, ready for a good night's sleep right? It's the least we deserve after a long day of packing...

We lay down, cuddle up and all is well. Shortly after falling asleep I wake up to use the restroom (as I do about a THOUSAND times a night) and realize that there must be a slow leak in our new bed because somehow dh and I have both slid to the center of the bed and are kind of "stuck" there! I try (unsuccessfully I might add) to roll out of the bed without waking dh... when I finally make my way to the edge and roll off, the pressure that I'm adding to the bed disappears and dh's side of the bed lowers even more causing HIM to roll off the bed! LOL

Before I return from the bathroom, dh pumps the bed back up a bit, I "plop" down on the bed and it nearly flips dh up and over to my side of the bed!!! LOL We can barely stop laughing at the absurdity of it all!

Now we're both laying on the bed as it inflates and the layers of plastic between the two "layers" of this double bed start rubbing together with the inflation, making a crazy loud "popping" sounds ( at this point it sounds so ominous that I am fairly certain that the whole darn thing is going to explode, with me laying on it no less)! Dh and I are nearly wetting ourselves laughing as I tell him that if this bed pops with me on top of it that I might just stroke out! Here it is 1:00 a.m. on our FIRST night without our bed and we can't believe that THIS is going to be our bed for the next 4 months!

What about the rest of the night you ask?? Well, just read the above section 3-4 more times and THAT is how well it went!! Not a lot of sleep, but a whole lot of laughter!!

See you tomorrow ladies!!



Fani said...

Now that's a funny story!!! I needed that....heheheheheheh!!!!

Donna said...

LOL How funny, you had me laughing so hard reading this. Sorry you didn't get much sleep but you had a night you won't soon forget!!! Hope you sleep tonight : )

Bec said...

What a cute story, thank you for sharing it. Hope you are able to catch up on your sleep tonight.

~HJ said...

I had a night like this out camping. I ended up sleeping in the car. They laughed at me at first - until it rained.

Anonymous said...

That was too funny. At least you had a good laugh over it. lol I do hope you figure out an answer before tonight though.


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Shauna, you are such a HOOT! I say, what a GRAND way to end one's day!!! Okay, so not so FUN to have to battle with an unstable aero bed, but ya just GOTTA love the GREAT belly work out!!! You know, you laugh SO hard your stomach muscles hurt!!! You try to stop, but CAN'T!

Glad you are taking a day off - don't know how you do ALL that you do as it is, let alone a BIG move in the making! Can't wait to hear your announcement and I'll be quiet over here and SIT on my thoughts!!!

Have a GORGEOUS day! (LOL! How can one NOT in Paradise!!!) Oh, and here's to a GOOD night's sleep tonight!


Nancy said...

ROFL Oh, Shauna, I am so sorry you and DH got so little sleep. I do hope tonight is better for you both! I can't tell you how much I appreciate you sharing that hilarious story! It sounds so much like something that would happen to DH and me! We just seem to have that kind of luck! Take care, and hopefully get some rest!

cinlou said...

Great story. Thanks I needed the laugh after the day that I've had today.

Jessica said...

HA! that sounds like a priceless moment. =) i hope you can stand sleeping like that for 4 months! i don't think i could!