Monday, March 31, 2008

3.31.08 (part 2!) The "skinny" on ScrapOrchard!

Photobucket is the last day for me to get my "stuff" together! And by "stuff" I really don't mean the "G Rated kind"! It has been a crazy busy past few weeks, with the Sunshine Girls Easter Collab (did you love it??) the new Sunshine Blog and Challenges...(WE so rocked that challenge ladies!! Did you see how many of us from PPD posted there? LOL) and..... my new store!!!

So here's the "skinny" on the store and a sneak peek at next week's GRAND OPENING week of events calendar!!

Shortly after Kami's (shall we call it "departure"?) from that other store she told me that she was planning on going out on her own and opening her own store and I was soooo incredibly jealous, because Kami ran "the other store" wonderfully and I loved it there with her... but she encouraged me to stay at "the other place" because she wasn't sure when she'd get this store up and running and didn't want me to lose out on any income for the family (so sweet isn't she?) Well we all know how that ended...LOL! So in a later conversation with her she asked me to go into business with her!! Now, along with Kami, TammyKat of TammyKat designs and Kim, from KCS Designs we're opening our own store!!

Kami's fabulous sister Mel (LittleGinsu) is our webmaster, and between the 5 of us we've been busy trying to get the site up and running...repackage our kits for the store, create some great "welcome to ScrapOrchard" events, create our very first MEGA Kit (ooohhh...I LOVE it! hint hint...look at my blinkie!!) make a TON of freeBEES (get it? our Orchard? he he he!) for you guys (including a FULL kit at the end of the week!) fill our gallery, make coupons....SIGH...! Well you get the point right?

Anyway..I really feel like SO is my new "baby" and I am so invested in seeing that baby grow and become a REALLY great place to go and not just shop (although I DO hope you do that OCCASIONALLY at least! LOL) but to go to be inspired by our Gallery, to learn from our Tutorials and for it to be an overall great place to spend your "digi-scrapping" time!

So... on to the good stuff! Here's what we have in store for you this week, starting TOMORROW, April 1st!

April 1st - Bobbing for Apples
It's been TOO long since I dunked my head into a big bucket of water and pulled up an apple! Here's the best wet hair, AND you'll get something better than 5 *yes 5!* apples!

April 2nd - Blue Ribbon Recipe Exchange
We made you some CUTE ScrapOrchard recipe cards so "fancy 'em up" add your favorite recipe and post them in the gallery so we can swap some good ones! (Mine is for Breakfast COOKIES!)

April 3rd - FreeBee Mini Kit Challenge - "Apple of My Eye"
Don't you dare try to cheat either! LOL! You'll need our FREE mini kits to get started!

April 4th - FreeBee Mini Kit Challenge - Freebie Mini Kit Challenge #2 "Plum Crazy"
They assigned this one to me??? (I can't IMAGINE why??) but here's a sneak peek at my own personal LO using my Plum Crazy Kit:

April 5th - FreeBee Mini Kit Challenge #3 -"Aren't We a Pear?"

April 6th - FreeBee Mini Kit Challenge #4 - "You're a Peach!"

April 7th - HUGE FINALE! A complete "Scrap Orchard" kit that will only be available for FREE download for 48 hours! (then it's too cute to go to waste, so we're putting it in the don't miss the download!)

Each day will have prizes either for all or for randomly drawn people who post layouts! It is going to be soooo much fun!

But do me a favor? Stop by here first and then link to the never know what you might find!....

See you tomorrow ladies!!!

Click HERE to go Apple Bobbing!!!

(or for those of you who simply cannot wait and have already registered ... today!! LOL)


~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

I am PLUM excited!!!! I registered YESTERDAY! hehe...congrats Shauna! Can't wait to see what's in store!!!


Cristina said...

This sounds SO exciting!!! :) Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Sounds exciting!!! I found you through the SS Girls, but I have been following them for quite some time since their first collab.
I already signed up! I can't wait to go shopping!!!

Jeanann said...

I'm so excited. Will you consider putting your Surf's up Quick Page in the new store?

Fani said...

.....zzzzzz.....what? Oh! I got so worn out imagining how you must NEVER sleep that I dozed off! Just kidding! But really, do you ever sleep?! I can't wait to see what you have in store for us! Whatever it is, it's sure to be fun! xo

scrappinmint said...

Yay! I can't wait for the week long excitement! What time do the doors open tomorrow? I now know you're 6 hours behind me here in MI so do we wait for the Shauna shuttle so we don't miss the goodies on the way to the Orchard?
I'm up at 4:00 a.m, is that too early? lol
Best of luck with the new store(s) Shauna!
And get some sleep!!!!

cathy said...

ooooooooh, i'm with everyone else. I'll just live vacariously (sp? lol) through you! Signed up. Bobbed for apples TWICE! tee hee, I think I need to get a life - it was actually FUN. rotflmao

Jill (aka jjstar) said...

I am so stinkin excited for you and these other girls. I love the name, look&feel and can't wait to see what you guys make of it.

BTW I tried to comment on the scrap orchard blog but it kept asking me to sign into word press??