Saturday, December 20, 2008

On the 9th Day of Christmas

my true love gave me..... Kami!!

But before I get to Kami, I have to apologize for not posting my sale and freebee yesterday... I was a bit under the weather and it absolutely slipped my mind! :( So for those of you who missed it, I'll leave my freebee up for another day and extend my sale as well! If you missed it... head on over to my store and grab the Freebee and check out my 50% off sale I've extended it for today JUST FOR YOU, MY FABULOUS BLOG READERS... shhhhh don't tell anyone else OK??! :)

AND NOW....YAY!!! It's Kami's turn!! - I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kami's designs, and you'd be silly to miss her rare 50% OFF sale!!!! And that's just for starters!! If you spend $10 or more in her store... you get cheese-a-lini for free (you're probably scratching your head asking yourself what exactly is a cheese-a-lini? well that's a story for another day! When Kami shares the story on her blog, I'll let you know! LOL!)

AND!! She has a free"bee" for you!! She has 3 12 x 12 Quick Pages in my store for FREE: BUT JUST FOR TODAY!! So hurry!

SO RUN... don't walk!! to my store and grab all the goodies you can carry because the sale ends TODAY!!


Come back tomorrow for Mel's Day!! She's got a screamin' deal for ya'll!! And apparently she's on Santa's "Naughty" List because he filled her stocking full of coal (but if you know Mel, then that's not really news to you!! LMBO!!)

See you tomorrow!!


Amanda said...

I broke the bank yesterday :) I had to search my computer before I bought anything to make sure I didn't already have it :D WOO HOO!

Michelle said...

For some reason I can't get the 50% off to work on your store today. Is there a coupon code or something?

P.S. Thanks for the "second chance" at your store. :)

Shauna Burke-Smith said...

I'm sooo sorry! We're having problems with the site right now because of TOO much traffic! LOL

Here's a coupon for you (and whomever else might have not been able to access the site today so feel free to pass it on... it's good for one week) It's good for 50% off in MY store only!

PPD50OFF (that's PPD 50 OFF) it's case sensitive! :)


ldemello said...

i can't seem to locate your freebee in your store :(