Thursday, December 18, 2008

On the 7th day of Christmas... and BIG NEWS!!!

Ok, so SHAMELESS PLUG here! LOL! I have a BIG NEWS!!! ( maybe it's NOT so big news to you... but whatever... it's my blog right? LMBO!)

Tomorrow, it's ALL about ME at Scrap Orchard! (ok, not really, but whatever!! It's MY BLOG!)

MY ENTIRE STORE (Commercial Use included) Will be on sale for 50% off...

I'll have a cute (well, I think it's cute anyway...) Freebee for you in my store

I'm sponsoring the Speed Scrap tomorrow night at the Orchard (with ANOTHER Freebee for you!)

And.... drum roll please...

I have my very first GRAB BAG coming out!! (here's a tiny peek!)

Of course I can't tell you what's in it... but I can tell you that it includes an ENTIRE KIT just to start with! And for just this week it will only be $3.00!! So come back and check it out won't you??

Oh yeah... did I mention that TODAY is Sine, our fabulous Template Designer's, day to share some holiday spirit with you??

Click on the images to take you to Sine's Store to pick up her Freebee and to take advantage of her 50% off sale!! Remember, the freeBee and sale will ONLY be available for one day!!

1 comment:

Simply Sarah said...

Ohhhh... I can't wait till tomorrow. I have never done a speed scrap at scrap orchard... only scrap matters. I might have to check it out.

Love the preview of the grab bag... looks like a cutie.